July 14 - 18 / 2016


Business Incubator, Burgas, Bulgaria


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APX+ workshop started in 2011 as the first event in Bulgaria for digital modeling, parametric design and digital fabrication in architectureAPX+ 201.6 is the sixth edition, which will the trend of creation of a practical knowledge to use the software Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. Participants will have two day basic seminar, then in another two day ADVANCED seminar of learning how to model complex NURBS models, to create parametric definitions generating practical objects. This intensive workshop covers most of the functionality of Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, as will expose some methods for working with plugins to both programs. Issues such as BIM modeling in Rhinoceros, visualization, import / export of a geometry, real project tasks and others will be explained. After the first 4 days APX+ will continue with 2 days of real workshop practice in which students will explore also digital production methods with computer-controlled machines and their relationship with digital modeling. The final will be the creation of a real prototype at a real scale!

This workshop is organized and financed by the Municipality of Burgas, with the logistic support of Varna Design Forum.

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Guest Tutors

Leonidas Paterakis


Online Tutors

Orlin Davchev


Jacek Markusiewicz


Tomasz Starczewski


Resident Tutors

Hristo Topchiev


Emil Burulyanov


Assistant Tutors

Yoana Atanasova


Ivan Palazov


Workshop FAQs

The workshop is open to all young people that are interested in the fields of architecture and design, especially for the students of architecture or design, and/or architects / designers on age up to 33 years. The workshop will be held with a minimum of 15 and maximum of 25 participants enrolled.
Participants should bring their own laptop - computers with preinstalled applications Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. Specific versions of the software will be sent via e-mail to the participants.
After your registration You will receive an email with the deadlines and bank account details ?
Basic knowledge of English language at an intermediate level is enough to understand the tutor. All information is also provided graphically on the screen.
You qualify under the category of an architect / designer. The student rights of each individual expire with the defence of the diploma project.

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from 09 till 14 July


Business Incubator – Burgas

  • “Knyaz Al. Batenberg” № 28
  • 8000 Burgas
  • Bulgaria


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